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Ice Cream Flavors

             Proudly Serving Gifford's 

                 (additional flavors added seasonally)


Black Raspberry-Smooth & Creamy Black Raspberry

Chocolate Chip-Classic vanilla ice cream loaded with dark chocolate morsels

Cookies and Cream-Cream filled chocolate cookies crumbled into vanilla ice cream

Cookie Dough-Vanilla ice cream packed w/cookie dough chunks & chocolate chips

Cotton Candy-Pretty pink & smurf blue ice cream that tastes just cotton candy
Fly Fishing Fudge-Vanilla ice cream with a fudge ripple swirl, M&M's, cookie dough & chocolate chunks 
Maple Walnut-English walnuts in a perfectly maple-sweet ice cream
Mint Chocolate Chip-Peppermint-y green ice cream loaded with chocolate morsels
Moose Tracks-Peanut butter cups mixed throughout vanilla ice cream swirled w/moose tracks fudge

Pistachio Nut-Get your pistachio fix without the pesky shells! Loaded with pistachios in every scoop

Sea Salt Caramel-A caramel lovers treat! Mini chocolate sea salt caramel morsels in sea salt flavored ice cream rippled with caramel

Strawberry-Real strawberries pack this sweet, creamy treat

Vanilla Raspberry Swirl- Red raspberry ribbon swirls throughout this no fat, no sugar added vanilla ice cream sweetened w/Splenda


Black Raspberry Chip-Smooth Black Raspberry low-fat yogurt & rich chocolate chips

Blueberry Oat Crumble-Cinnamon oat clusters dropped into low fat vanilla yogurt striped with homemade Maine wild blueberry ripple


Rainbow-Raspberry, orange & lemon purees lend a rainbow of flavor to this 99% fat free treat

Orange- A 99% fat free smooth, creamy treat made with orange puree


Red Raspberry Sorbet-A refreshing dairy free treat w/a burst of natural raspberries in every bite

Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet- A wonderful twist of strawberry & lemon sorbet

Chocolate & Vanilla Twist
Black Raspberry
Black Raspberry & Coffee Twist

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